Cynthia Waring, on how her creativity gave her freedom and changed her life.

Cynthia shares her powerful personal story and how her creativity has given her freedom and awareness of her inner life. Her wisdom and experience help others, with her writing classes, one woman show and  book. She now offers sessions in cranial sacral, and body mapping, in her home town of Santa Barbara, CA.  


"I love bodies, I love every shape they come in.” With these words, Cynthia begins her story, sharing the insights she gained from giving over 30,000 massages. Bodies Unbound is a startlingly honest account of her life interwoven with short vignettes from the lives of some of her clients.

This interview might just change the way you see things!



                Roger Ford from Healing in America

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Those who work with Roger find him to be forthright and sincere as he maintains a caring, "down to earth” approach to wellness.  His primary desire is to help others in their quest for physical, mental and spiritual health, so his students and clients can in turn help others.  Roger has a professional practice in Ojai, California where he sees clients for personal sessions, as well as offering distant healing to those people not able to travel.


Luke and BEn of Pukajay Productions 

Luke Williamson, Brien Foerster and Ben van Kerkwyk

Luke Williamson, Brien Foerster and Ben van Kerkwyk

Pukajay Productions is a production team that quests to discover what the Ancients were really doing. In these interviews, Luke shares his extensive wisdom and discoveries from Ancient Egypt. He travelled to Egypt with his mother Jill Townsend when he was 6 and she was doing her last film. This began an interest which has lasted his entire life. He formed a production company to record and explore the secrets and wisdom they left behind. He will be a leading a "Special Permissions Tour",  in November 2018.  Pukajay Productions will be traveling with Khemit School of Ancient Mysticism, on November of 2018 on an exciting and fully packed 16 day tour of upper and lower Egypt. They have designed the itinerary to focus on visiting incredible sites and obtaining the special permissions to enter areas within or underneath sites that have been closed to the public for many years.

Check Pukajay out on Youtube to see some of their fascinating programs. 

                                      Ben van Kerkwyk Pukajay Productions in Egypt

Ben speaks with us in a phone interview about the ancient civilizations and Pukajay's upcoming documentary.

Ben speaks with us in a phone interview about the ancient civilizations and Pukajay's upcoming documentary.

MEG'S OF OJAI HOUSE (beside the 400 year old tree that shares her home)


Meg Goodwin is the owner of Nutmeg’s Ojai House which so beautifully reflects her talents, her knowledge, her humor, her wisdom and her heart. She’s absolutely loved and respected by all who know her. Her life story is such a beautiful example starting somewhere, being open and evolving through crisis and trust. 

Come visit her store in beautiful Ojai, you'll find amazing crystals, stones, garden and home sculptures, wonderful readers and energy healers and so much more. 

304 N. Montgomery St. Ojai, Ca. 93023. Open every day 11:am - 6:pm Call: 805-640-1656

Kim Vincent of Changes shares her transformational work with us.

"Throughout your life, you’ve collected a set of beliefs about yourself. Some of those beliefs are healthy, while others are quite damaging. And, unfortunately, both are imprinted on your subconscious.


Beliefs that cause you to remain stuck in unhealthy patterns, limit your success, damage your relationships, and cause you pain are called “limiting beliefs.” Sealed away in the recesses of your subconscious, limiting beliefs are very difficult to overcome.

But it doesn’t have to be. With the powerful tools and gentle guidance of Kim Vincent, founder of Changes Happen, you can change these imprints. You can reprogram your patterns. You can have the life you’ve always dreamed of." In her interviews Kim shares techniques and her wisdom, gathered over many years.

Tonya Jones on life, creativity, her one woman show and how she lives an authentic life.