Above, Jill walking across the Sahara.


Jill graduated from The Royal Academy for Dramatic Arts in London and went on to star in movies, television programs like Cimarron Strip (U.S.) and series like "Poldark" and "The Golden Bowl" on BBC and Masterpiece Theatre, PBS.

Jill ended her acting career in 1979. She then studied at the London School of Journalism and worked briefly as a journalist for the Daily Mail, contributing a weekly page for the financial section. 

Between 1979 and 1981, she researched and worked on existing and proposed environmental legislation attempting to find ways to stop the prolific dumping of toxic and nuclear waste in Britain. Between 1981 and 1989, took a course at The University of Surrey's "Behavioral Aspects in International Relations". She was asked to become a  teaching assistant at Harvard Law School for 3rd year law students on The Program on Negotiation, and on the Program of Instruction for Lawyers.   

 Jill and her son Luke in 1979

Jill and her son Luke in 1979

During this time, she  became the Deputy Director of The Foundation for International Conciliation based in Geneva, Switzerland. It's purpose:  upon request, bringing together all constituents to a conflict and developing formats for discussions and negotiations.  Her field work was in the Middle East, South East Asia. Southern Africa and the South Atlantic.


In 1989 she moved back to the States, settling in California. From then until 1995, she became a Council Trainer and Facilitator at Crossroads School, Santa Monica, The Ojai Foundation, Highland Hall School,  Pasadena Waldorf School, Meadow Oaks School, New Roads School, Seven Arrows Elementary School, The California Youth Detention Facilities, The White Buffalo Calf Woman Shelter for Abused Women and Children (South Dakota), Zen Center, LA, Mountain Zen Center, Santa Monica Zen Center, Hazy Moon Zen Center and UCLA Extension, teaching Conflict Resolution.

 Luke in Egypt 2017

Luke in Egypt 2017

She traveled 1800 miles across the Sahara Desert with the Tuareg Nomads and founded a school for the children of the Tuareg Nomads. 


 Jill led Rites of Passage programs and Vision Fasts. She is a Pipe Carrier. Years ago, she was adopted by the Lakota in a Hunkapi Ceremony and given her Lakota name. 

She is  a Spiritual Counselor, a Minister and a Ceremonialist.  She says, " I listen. I give readings. I am an intuitive and I offer energy healings and I encourage people to unlearn what covers their true selves." 


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