Be Yourself Everyone Else is Taken


So often most of us find ourselves being or saying what we think will enable us to be approved of by others. In this show we explore being who we are! How do we find that place within us, how can we be in that place when our world is happening around us? Join us to explore. 

We've been taught through direct or subtle communication from teachers, parents,  children at school and other people that we need to be different to be accepted. The strange thing is what they want today can be different tomorrow, so much depends on what space they're in each day. Byron Katie,, says
"What others think of you is their business." Let people think what they will, as they ultimately will anyway and it has nothing to do with you. Relax and be the person that you are. "Who is that?" you might ask. Who am I? It's an age old question, sages have pondered that for centuries. 

You are the person breathing, looking out of your eyes now! It's simple really, we don't need to be more. Just be here realizing that we are the one looking out of our eyes. When we truly 'get that', we are free. Below are a few suggestions to help us find that in our day. 

  • Follow your breath with your consciousness. Feel where it goes, how it moves.
  • Be aware that you are looking out of these eyes. How does it feel to be aware that you are behind your eyes looking in?
  • Stop in your day and ask yourself, "Who am I?" Then remind yourself that you are the one breathing, smiling, the one behind your eyes. 
  • When you get tense, relax your belly and your tongue and ask,"What do I think I need to be and why?"
  • Tell yourself,"I am who I am and that's enough."

Sometimes it takes time to be okay being who we are, just be aware that you are enough exactly as you are. You are enough even when you face problems, with your quirks, your emotions, even being grouchy sometimes. We are beings who are perfectly enlightened, just expanding that enlightenment with each thought, each emotion and each experience.