Be yourself everyone else is taken


So often we are trying to pour ourselves into a mold someone else has given us. Not to say they knew that they were doing that ...but lets today become aware of how we truly want to be. Let's make today the day we speak and act form our heart, from who we are and if we don't know who we are? Then focus on the heart and move through the day from there. It's amazing how we find things and people changing when we do that. Heart Math has done some serious research about the heart ( and and how powerful it is to move from our heart. 

You know most of us are operating from an idea of who we are that was given to us by someone who didn't know who they were. We can change that by operating from our heart. We can change that by stopping throughout the day and asking, " What is really true for me right now?"

So often we are moving and living form a robotic place, push a button and I'll react from old patters, but in the same way each time. We are broken records, but we can change that. We can stop in our day and ask," What am I thinking, or what am I doing? Also do I want to be doing this?" Just stopping, can give us the consciousness to change that reaction to an action. Try it and you'll be surprised.