Freedom through mindfulness, how to still the mind and find inner peace


I love tea! Every morning I take time to mix teas, add a squeezed lemon and stevia for sweetness, gather the dogs and head outside.   A comfy couch awaits, with soft blankets and light that is just rising. On cold days we don jackets and snuggle, as we watch the sun rise. There is such a wonderful symphony of song as the birds begin their day.

Mindfulness if being conscious of how the tea tastes, how the birds sound, how warm I feel, how it feels when the dogs snuggle close. This brings me into an easy place of peacefulness that sets up my day.

Mindfulness is bringing our attention to experiences, feelings and thoughts that occur in the present moment.  We can grow this in us by  bringing our attention into anything we're doing, feeling or experiencing. Just stopping in what we're are doing, bringing our attention to how it feels and what is going on for us, can give us incredible ease in life. Mindfulness is part of Buddhist traditions, where it's utilized to grow self-knowledge, consciousness and to access to our natural wisdom. 

When we stop and bring attention to what we are doing, our mind stops! When our mind stops, we have an instant moment of peace. Then off we go again, do this often and slowly, slowly we find greater ease and peace in our lives. So, when you're having your tea or coffee do it mindfully and it can bring a moment of meditation. 

Here are a few steps to help:

  • Bring awareness to what you're drinking tea or coffee. Feel the warmth or cool, feel it slipping down your throat.
  • Every so often stop and become aware of your breath. Notice how it feels as it goes in and out.
  • Walking can a wonderful mindfulness exercise. Be aware of your feet and how they feel as you move them; how your breath feels as you walk. 
  • Just bringing awareness to any moment is so helpful.