In this busy world, we often get separated from the earth and when this happens, we can feel separated, alone and disconnected. 

Do you feel inner peace and generally happier when you’re out in nature, away from crowds, traffic and the city?
When we're in/with nature our body vibrates with the earth’s frequency. When this happens it can find balance, harmony and it's easier for it to heal more efficiently

We have hears that the early Astronauts deteriorated very severely when they were in space and away from the earth's gravitation. A scientist Schumann discovered that the body needs to have this frequency to stay alive and strong.  A Schumann Simulator was introduced in all space shuttles, which generated the earth's frequency and the astronaut's retained their health and muscle mass. 

We need to connect with the earth daily to enable us also to release positive ions in our body and gather negative ions. All we have to do each day is to interact with the earth, in any of her forms, trees. flowers, standing or sitting on the earth. You will notice a subtle change, that will grow to a huge change the more you do it. greater health, balance, harmony within, ease and comfort in your life and a feeling of everything being okay. A little a day will do it!